Why collecting stamps has become a popular financial investment

On 1st March 2022 the first elegance postage stamp price changed into improved to €1.25 for a preferred letter, however one day in the destiny those very stamps can be really worth maintaining as an investment.

You can be wondering that stamp accumulating is a unnecessary, unexciting – even dull – hobby however you’d be incorrect. Quietly, as befits this type of sedentary pursuit, philately has emerged as one of the most up to date and most elegant pursuits in the global. Postage stamps are the third biggest category traded on eBay and it’s far anticipated that over 30 million human beings now rely themselves as energetic collectors.

Much greater to the factor, stamps have proved to be an terrific medium to lengthy-time period funding with average returns no longer so dissimilar to belongings or stocks and stocks. With all this is taking place inside the world currently, this opportunity shape of funding has also many benefits for inclusion in a balanced portfolio.


In phrases of weight, stamps are the maximum treasured commodities you may buy. A properly-balanced collection of stamps received’t, glaringly, produce an earnings but need to provide widespread capital increase.

Two marketplace indices – the SG100 Stamp Price Index and the GB30 Rarities Index – provide tangible evidence of this. Both song common costs and have shown annual boom of toward nine.Five% during the postage stamps last 10, 20 and 50 years.

Furthermore, postage stamps have constantly fared nicely in instances of financial uncertainty. If you observe the overall performance charts for the last 5 a long time you will be aware that there are not any dramatic market corrections. Prices may be stagnant for durations – however they rarely fall.

There are 4 reasons why stamps make the sort of sound investment. The first is growing call for. This comes from various resources which includes:

An getting older populace within the developed international with the profits and time to devote to a hobby together with stamp collecting.
Rapidly increasing interest in international locations experiencing new tiers of wealth together with Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Investors who use stamps as a hedge towards risk. A right example of this become before China took over Hong Kong whilst wealthy Hong Kong citizens sold stamps because they had been portable and treasured.
The second is, absolutely, the scarcity of supply as certainly there is a restrained wide variety of any given stamp in life. Thirdly, the market is global and liquid. This is all of the extra real thanks to the Internet, which lets in collectors to shop for and sell speedy and without problems. Fourthly, with astute buying it is possible for the enthusiastic philatelist to overcome the marketplace indices and bring even better returns.

How ought to you set about investing in stamps?
It would be unwise to begin without familiarising yourself with the records of the postal service and postage stamps. You might additionally be properly counseled to understand how stamps are valued as well as the way to take care of them.

Finally, you must bear in mind what form of series you want to build up. Are you interested in stamps from a particular u . S ., airmail stamps, stamps that address a specific concern? Would you be greater interested by covers (in which the stamp is still connected to the envelope) or unused stamps or commemorative troubles?

One region of obvious hobby to readers of this paper is that of amassing Irish stamps. Between 1840 (while the primary of seventy two million ‘Penny Blacks’ have been printed inside the UK) and 1922, we used British stamps, which might be called ‘GB Used in Ireland’.


The maximum famous stamps for Irish creditors have been the British stamps that have been overprinted for Irish use first published in February 1922 and the closing one in 1935. Between 1922 and 1984 Ofig an Phoist took obligation for printing stamps, and then it passed to the newly created An Post.

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